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Wacom Cintiq 24HD Interactive Graphic Pen Display
(The Cintiq 24HD combines the best in high-definition LCD performance with the ability to work directly on-screen. Its generous 24-inch display, wide color gamut, and widescreen aspect ratio make this an ideal choice for color-critical work.)
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Cintiq 24HD review

By Ron

I have been using the Cintiq for a week now and absolutely love the pen stylus accuracy and sensitivity levels.

Only using Manga studio right now but love how it works on the Cintiq.

I would recommend this to anyone that needs the pen to paper feel and response.
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Top notch!

By Louise

This was a gift for my son, he is in heaven. Might I add more? It's a fantastic tool, he finds it amazing! I can't give you any technical details, since I haven't used it myself yet! The table/rack is very sturdy, the size of the screen is way bigger and makes it easier to work on... A happy camper he is!
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the cintiq 24 HD

By sandra lewis

I just got my new cintiq 24 HD WOW this is great its bigger then I amagen I watched all the videos but to set in front of it can be over whelming!!!! I got the 24 HD instead of the 24 HD touch because of the cost of the touch is $1000 more. I have an intos 5 touch also, but this is so much better,
I have an alienware aura desktop with windows 7, with this monster computer it works great.
the cintiq 24 is very heavy about 80 lbs, because the base has to counter weight the screen. I heard that people are calling these screens tablets but tablets like ipad has a hard drive in them and can be use without being connected to a computer THIS IS A INTERACTIVE SCREEN. with a pen or as with the cintiq 24 HD touch screen your hand.
I have done just about everything on this cintiq like surfing the web checking my email writing this review even played some games so you can use this as your main screen I did trying to play guildwars2 an online game, but it did not worked very while but I think if I changed the settings of the game it would work too.
as for why I bought this screen, I have the corel painter 12 a painting program and paintshop pro 5 an photo program this work fantastic I like the way you can lower the screen into your lap and as for being able to turn your screen like the cintiq 22HD you can turn your work inside the program.
to drawing on the screen is a little different then drawing on paper. its more like painting on an easel using a brush. smooth moving like paint. it comes with a interactive pen that fits comfortably in your hand, and it has so many buttons to put your short cuts in, as for working with the programs I had no problem with any of the programs on my computer, the only thing I have to do now is create, one question I have heard from people is if I had a cintiq can it make me an artist and the answer is No, YOU BRING THE TALENT WITH YOU BUT IT SURE MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND THE TALENT WITHIN YOU AND LET IT FLOW so I am very happy with this CINTIQ 24 HD
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If you are a digital artist, get this NOW!

By mike

I was apprehensive about spending this much on a drawing tablet. After all I had a wacom intuos 3, but I researched, read reviews, looked at videos and after 6 months of wavering purchased one. It is fantastic! the 24HD does everything it says it does and the ability to work directly on the screen is incredible. The time saved by working faster is worth the price, and you will work 5 times better! Save your pennies, skip a vacation, use your credit line, but if you paint digitally get one. Don't wait for the price to come down.
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Worth it!

By Diego3884

I'm upgrading from a Cintiq 12WX, the 24 HD is simply worth it to get because of the extra screen real estate . I've done freelance work on my previous Cintiq and have noticed that the colors were all wrong on my separate monitor but with the 24 HD I don't have that problem because of the 93% RGB. I also want to note something really important which is you can color calibrate this so both your monitors can be on the same page. Ever since I got my cintiq I notice I'm playing more with my computer just because the monitor so cool it just invites you to play with it. Definitely save up your money and buy this if you're in the field.

On a side note customer service with macMall was great. I had an issue with being overcharged for shipping but as soon as I got my package they refunded me the difference.

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By Christian Michel

You should own one of this!!!!
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By The6thArmy

First off, I would like to say how helpful the staff at MacMall was helping me get this order. There were some issues with shipping & then my bank, but they were extremely helpful through it all.

The Cintiq was a Christmas present for my wife who had been wanting one of these for a while. The videos of the Cintiq seemed incredible & I was prepared for there to be some 'it seemed too good to be true' when we got it going. However, it is everything they advertised. I was surprised. My wife loves it. The initial setup was very easy. The unit isn't that heavy, but it is a little akward trying to get out of the box. Once we sat it on her desk though, it was easy to move around & adjust. I plugged it into her computer & installed the included software (including the Adobe & Corel freebees) & she was off to the races. While learning to use photoshop can be daunting, the unit itself is very simple to use & even I (If you know a person who is horrible at art, I am even less talented) was able to make a simple drawing with the included sketchpad software. Obviously it is not a cheap drawing interface, but my wife & daughter use it everyday, with each wishing they had more time on it. I was somewhat apprehensive when I was looking at getting it, but knowing how well it works & how much they love it, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Aside from its high cost, I have absolutely no complaints with it.

If you are wondering about computer specs, I would say the computer I built my wife has medium performance (might be equal to a $600-700 rig purchased at a retail store).
Win7 x64
AMD II quad-core
4 gb ddr3
GT 220 (1gb ddr3 ram)
Cintiq as the only display
With this setup she was able to run all of the included art software & draw with no lag or jitters.
For her desk, she needs to run 2 monitors & some other programs while still leaving the drawing software running. I am currently upgrading her system to a solid-state drive, 16gb of ram & a video card with dual DVI outs in the hopes of preempting any system bottlenecks.

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Awesome Interactive Pen Display! Wacom is the Best!


I've owned several Wacom products in the past, such as the Cintiq 12WX, the Cintiq 21UX, and now this 24HD; all were very nice. This particular display features a larger workspace and higher resolution along with the quality and extensive features that all Wacom products share. The price is a bit high but it is well worth it; I would highly recommend!
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Best purchase ever

By Mike

Ok, this monitor is awesome. I love the way the stand lets me set the monitor out over my tabletop to work on and the controls all over it are great. The screen is almost as bright as my normal monitors, which im happy with. The only thing that I docked a star for is the price...OMG its expensive. I can see this being worth every penny for someone using it to make money though. Myself, I am a hobbyist who...unfortunately, tends to go for the best things he can possably afford...and this version of the Cintiq allowed me to keep my monitor the same size/resolution as the one it replaced and I was hoping the different stand from the 21ux would be worth it as well. I think the stand is a great idea...the only thing I would ask of Wacom is to somehow work rotation into the next big screen model if somehow possible...I probably wont be buying the next one, again, im only a hobbyist...but thats about the only improvement I could think of. Great Job Wacom.
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