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Plantronics Backbeat 903+ Bluetooth Headset
(Backbeat 903+ is great for workouts, commutes, or just chilling out at home. Immerse yourself in rich audio streamed from your iPhone, smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player.)
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Great Features but They Break

By Buddy Baker

I've had at least 4 pairs of these over the years. They break after 6 to 12 months and I buy another pair, but I've never paid much more than $50 and I use them for probably an hour a day, every day, so I think it's worth another $50. At one point, I decided to get a Backbeat Go 2 instead, but they wouldn't stay in my ears and I couldn't control the pause/play switch by just tapping it with my shoulder like I can with these, so I went back to the 903+.

I don't understand the other review's criticism that the earbuds spin around. I've never had that problem. The fact they rest over your ears means they don't fall out (like the higher-priced Go 2s). I also like the fact that, when you pause these, they act like hearing aids--they don't really amplify things, but they use the microphone to put the outside world on the speakers; the Go 2s didn't do that either and blocked out the outside world when paused. I think most earbuds work like the Go 2s.

I wish they were a little more durable, but I'm happy with them at this price.
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The worst design

By Nestor

This headset is the worst I have ever tried. Unless you plan not ti use your hands at all so that you can spend all of your time adjusting the tips so they fit in your ears these are not for you. I bought these with the idea of working out more freely, The design is so bad that most of he time I have a faint sign of music and every other noise out there takes over. The thing sits on top of your ears but the end of he tips float around and any little movement shakes them out of place. Unless you are working out your chess game I don't see how anyone can be doing anything physical and enjoy their music. For te price you pay these aint worth crap!
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Backbeat 903+ Bluetooth Headset
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