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Fantom Drives GreenDrive 1TB External eSATA/USB 2.0 Hard Drive
(This 1TB drive provides maximum capacity while reducing power consumption by up to 40% without sacrificing performance.)
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By John Patterson

This drive is everything the store says it is. Very easy to set up. Very, Very quiet. Quite an excellant product.
I use a partition for daily backups and a partition for storage of old but needed files.
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GREAT But s-l-o-w------

By Tony Cardinale

When my current 500GB drive was failing to save Time Machine backups, I scouted drives online in an anxious hurry to replace it. The FD GreenDrive’s memory-per-dollar ratio was exactly what I was looking for! When I received it, set up was a no-brainer, however, I did have to reformat for Mac - which, I might add, was a bit puzzling. It was bit tricky at first (no fault of GreenDrive), but became fairly easy once I searched Apple’s Support page to learn how to perform a reformat. Once executed, it didn’t take too long (about 25 min.) and I was off and running to eagerly set it up with Time Machine.
Well, fast forward 2 days later, and it backed up the full 155 GB of my hard drive. Yep - it took 2 days. Anyway, that being said, it is operating as advertised, and it’s a pretty solid performer. I use it in a recording studio environment, and it’s very quiet. No more Time Machine "Failure to backup" alerts.
If you’re NOT looking for a speed demon, but rather, a slow and rock-steady drive for a really low price, this is the drive for you.
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Drive works fin


So far, so good with the drive. Easy to install, works fine, small footprint for a lot of storage. Runs quiet. Installed easy on both machines I hooked it up to. Only have tried the USB, I didn’t have an eSATA cable & there isn’t one included in the box. USB 2.0 is fast enough for my purposes, anyway.
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Worked adequately for 2+ years

By Steve

As someone else noted, the "Green" has to do with powering down the drive motor when not in use. This does save power, but there are a lot of events besides backup that cause it to have to power up (like putting up a new finder window, and many file dialogs), and nothing happens while it powers up. It's an annoyance, not a show-stopper. It is not terribly fast, but for Time Machine, who cares.

Mine has run for 2 years, 6 months, is now out of warranty, and is getting flakey. It goes offline randomly, whether actively being used at the moment or not, and has shut down during a backup one time. I've inserted and removed the cable connectors a few times in case there's a problem with connectivity, but bottom line is that I can't trust it to save data, so it's going to get replaced. I'm hoping that it's the enclosure, not the drive, so I can get my old backups off of it and onto the new drive. Curse me as a carbon criminal, but the next one will be "low-power" but not "Green" as implemented by this drive.
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Drive’s Fine, Rebate Program a Mess

By jrepp

If I were reviewing the product alone, it would have received five stars (though I’ve only run four or five back-ups to date): My MacBook prompted me to reformat, which got accomplished without a hitch, and from then on, it’s been a matter of hook it up, fire up Time Machine, and back up.

I bought a 1 TB drive, list price $119 and change, sale price (har har) $79. I applied (or tried to) for both $20 rebates. The first one went OK, and I received the money after a four-week wait. The second one involved a third-party site that seemed designed to discourage navigation. I sent an inquiry to the "contact us" address and never received any reply. In short, a drive advertised for $79 cost me $99 and headaches.

Why the two-tiered rebate? This has made me leery of ever ordering again--the almost daily emails have just about sealed the (negative) deal.
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Caveat Emptor: The

By Mac_Advisor

I bought this drive at the beginning of August and I’m ready to sell it. Why? What’s the problem? Not the price, which was great.

The issue I have with this drive is its so-called "Green" aspect. I’m a "green" guy, so of course the idea of an environmentally responsible product appealed to me.

If you’re thinking about buying this drive, and it is an attractive offer, please note that "Green" means that the drive CONSTANTLY CYCLES OFF. What does that mean? It means that when you want to access (open up) a file from the drive or write to it (save a file), there is a DELAY of more than several seconds for the drive to spin back up and become "live" again. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, just wait and see. Your patience will be tested and then some. I don’t really get how this characteristic makes the drive "Green." I mean, it’s still plugged into the A/C outlet and the power switch is turned on.

Despite this major annoyance and inconvenience, I filled up the drive pretty quickly, so I went back to buy another external hard drive. My choice? The stylish black LaCie (Samsung) drive that works exactly the way I want it to, and I am very happy with that one. I would buy another one of those. Not so with the Micronet Fantom, though, unfortunately.

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By richard sullivan

The problem with this hard drive is that the connections are not secure/solid, and I have been surprised with numerous warnings about not having put it away properly, while it was still hooked up. The connection was lost somehow while connected, and I am fearful that the data may be lost or unavailable in the future due to this problem. I have to buy a new hard drive to transfer all the data from this one to avoid a quite-possible major loss. I own a LaCie mimi FW HD and a Rugged external hard drive and I am very happy with both of those.

Overall I would advise not buying this drive for the above reasons.
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