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Apple AirPort Time Capsule 3TB with 802.11ac Wi-Fi
(Back up a lifetime’s worth of memories with AirPort Time Capsule, a wireless hard drive that works seamlessly with Time Machine in OS X.)
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Apple Airport Time Capsul 3TB

By Douglas

Just what I neecded. Easy to install and hook up, worked great right of of the box like all apple stuff. I highly recommend it and the wireless signal is powerful! Very happy.
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Get one while you can, its good but getting dated

By Phil Wilmarth

Apple WiFi hardware is getting out of date compared to newer Mesh systems. The current models have been around for a few years. The new extreme models have better signal strength and range. Older Apple equipment can be used to extend the WiFi network in many cases. I added a new Time Capsule to a network with an older Time Capsule and two AirPort Expresses. I used a large pocket drive to copy my backups to the new Time Capsule. Now I have better signal throughout the house and redundant backups to both Time Capsules. The AirPort Expresses are used to get music into an upstairs bedroom and into the basement with the exercise equipment.

Time Capsule functionality can be achieved in other ways. Mesh networks are powerful and becoming less expensive. Large pocket drives (3-4 TB) are much less expensive. However, getting all of that setup and working may take more effort than with Apples products. AirPort utility is a pretty nice piece of software and Time Machine works well with Apple hardware.

Apple will probably not continue to make WiFi products, so if you like the Apple products, get them while you can!
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Slow slow slow

By Ralph

Backing up 2 desktops and one laptop took days the first time! Seems to do the backups ok after the initial downloadings. Easy to set up.
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Great product with curious Apple lapse

By Bob Sproull

This product is fine. Easy to set up, does what is advertised, etc. For me, it replaces a 1TB Time Capsule
(the earlier, "pancake" model) whose performance was becoming more and more bizarre. The TC holds
the backups of 5 computers in my household, so it's a vital piece of gear. I'm almost certain that the old
model became too flaky to use because of a failing (or failed) disk in the TC. But (here's the lapse):
Apple provides ZERO ways of inspecting the disk's health. There is no way to run the equivalent of
"disk utility" on the device. Older software versions used to let you turn on syslog-style logging, but
even that did not reveal any disk performance glitches. How can it be so hard to let me run Disk
Utility on a Mac that examines, over the network, the disk on the TC? By now, there are many products
that combine a WiFi base station with USB ports for disk/printer access that could just as easily serve
for my backup storage. I chose the new TC in the probably insane optimism that the new disk will have
a longer lifetime than the old one. So the real review of this product should arrive in, let's say, 6 years.
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Best wifi router on the planet!

By Mr. D

We recently bought a larger home in a neighborhood where everyone has a WiFi network, and our Frontier FiOS ActionTec router couldn't reach the far corners of the home. On top of that, all of our Apple devices (15 of them!) would struggle connecting even if we were in the same room as the router. My assumption was that there was some interference from the 28 different WiFi networks nearby.

I've wanted an AirPort Time Capsule for awhile, but the cost held me back, but don't let that stop you from getting it. This thing is the bomb! Bye Bye interference! The AirPort chooses which of the dual WiFi bands work best. Full WiFi bars in every room of the house now, and all of our Macs and iDevices connect right away, and even our POS Windows laptop connects right away.

Setting it up with the AirPort Utility was easy, and set up from opening the box to surfing the Net took about 10 minutes. I had watched some YouTube videos on how to bridge the AirPort with a FiOS router prior to receiving the AirPort Time Capsule, so I knew all of the steps when it got here. I've also noticed improved speed with the AirPort compared to the ActionTec, and I'm now getting the speeds that I've paid for.

The initial backups for the iMac and MacBook Pro took about 9 hours each, but I let the Time Capsule do it over night and in the morning it was finished. Now the daily backups take just a couple of minutes running in the background and I don't even notice it.

Like every Apple product I've ever owned, "It just works."
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I love it

By Jerry Swat

I am extremely happy with this Time Capsule work so good Thanks Apple
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