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Apple Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro
(The Smart Keyboard combines an array of new technologies and materials to create a keyboard like no other.)
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Nice Keyboard

By J Lester

I really enjoy the feel of the Smart Keyboard. It surprised me at how stable it is when using it on your lap as well, I didn't think it would work out that great. If there is one complaint to be made, it's that it doesn't have a configuration that allows it be used as slightly titled drawing/typing surface. Since I don't use that setup often it's not a big deal, but it would have made it complete in my eyes.

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An Honest Review...

By Steven

I gave this product 4 stars for one reason and one reason only... My wife. She wasn't thrilled with typing on the keyboard, although she said it will just take some getting used to. For me... It is a 5 star... Across the board. I immediately began typing and loved it. I love the feel of the keys and they are more than adequately responsive. If the keys were backlit, that might be better, but not really needed, honestly. I pretty much hate Bluetooth keyboards (other than Apple's, which I have). I like the Smart Keyboard better. It is not a separate piece, unless you need it to be and the connectivity is flawless. It adds minimal bulk, unlike the only other option (at the time of this review) with smart connector technology. My goal is to keep my iPad pro functional and light. I coupled this with Switcheasy's Coverbuddy and I have a protected investment with a way to securely carry my Apple Pencil. For me it is a win-win (5 stars, based on all comments mentioned above). For my wife, it was a so-so (3 stars, based solely on her typing experience). Remember, however, she did say it would just take a little getting used to the different feel of the keys and she might change her mind. All in all, you can expect something slightly different than what you may be used to, but for me, it was slightly different in an enjoyable way. Apple did as Apple does... Attention to detail... User experience-focused... Definitely not a let down!!!
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Best that I've found yet

By cbd

I've tried two other keyboards for my iPad Pro and my storage closet has a box of Bluetooth keyboards that I've tried with previous iPads.

It's safe to say that none of the keyboards relegated to the closet met my criteria of even being "good enough" for regular, meaning daily, work.

I love - and look for - apps that use the iPad Pro 'extended on-screen keyboard.' Unfortunately, most apps don't. The Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro offers the full functionality of an extended keyboard in addition to making some iOS only functions available.

It's difficult to describe the material of the keyboard... it feels like some kind of finely woven man-made material? Whatever it is, it feels nice and the keys are at that just right point of sensitivity. I haven't tested it for water resistance (on purpose or accidently) but the keyboard is said/rumored to be waterproof. I HAVE launched a tablespoon of marinara sauce onto the keyboard and wiped it away with a damp cloth. No lingering stains at all.

The primary competition for the Smart Keyboard is the Logitech CREATE. It has some features that are nice – most people will mention the backlighting – but the CREATE just doesn't have the feel or ultra-fast response that I've become accustomed to, now, with the Smart Keyboard. I never really tested the CREATE to try to gauge the amount of power that it draws from my Pro but, as both keyboards use the new Smart Connector for power, I am assuming that the backlighting on the CREATE must draw more power than the Apple Smart Keyboard.

This keyboard simply has everything that I've looked for in an iPad keyboard – keys are responsive, the layout and functionality are similar to, for instance, the keys on a MacBook, the keys "feel" good (to the point where you don't even notice the feel after long), the entire keyboard is magnetized to fit properly even with the back-protecting Apple Silicone Case, the keyboard nicely takes the place of the Apple front cover making for an iPad Pro as thin as possible with a keyboard and, finally, everything just 'feels' right with this configuration.

No doubt there will be more keyboards to come for the Pro. But, at present, this is the best that I've tried and I highly recommend it – particularly if you're a speedy touch typist.
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Terrific device that ends long search

By ciderguy

I wasn't an early iOS by any means. I purched my first iPad in January of last year (iPad Air 2) and my first iPhone devices in December of last year.

Keyboards just weren't on my mind when I bought that first iPad yet I found a need for one after a couple of months of using the iPad. I went through four keyboards (some terribly clunky) before boxing them up and relegating them to my storage closet.

So it was with some trepidation that I ordered this keyboard and only a couple of days to wonder how I ever lived without it. The keyboard fits the design of the Pro so well that it seems to be a natural piece of the Pro gear. I had been using the Apple charcoal grey Smart Cover and silicone case since I purchased the Pro so it was almost too simple to just switch covers and begin typing.

And the typing is a delight, unlike any that I have previously used. There's a kind of hollow clunk sound as each key is pressed, which can be a bit annoying at first, but once you start going you hardly notice it at all.

The iPad Pro, with its two major accessories, the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, don't serve to illustrate the differences between the machine as much as illustrate the machine's versatility. The Smart Keyboard is the best portable keyboard that I have ever tried, just as the Pencil is the best stylus.

The keyboard isn't inexpensive (although it's a bargain if I add up the totals paid for last years four keyboards) and it may not be necessary for those who don't use iPad Pros for writing much. But for those of us who have allowed iPad to begin to replace notebooks and even desktops this keyboard may fill a niche that some are just beginning to notice.

A 5-star quality piece of kit, simple to install and use, and a necessity that many have been awaiting.
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Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro
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