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Apple Pencil for iPad Pro
(Designed to expand on the versatility of Multi-Touch, the Apple Pencil lets you make any number of effects, right down to a single pixel, giving you more creative freedom than ever before.)
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I didn't think that it would be so GOOD!

By Clinton

I placed my order for the Apple Pencil the day that they became available (or, at least, available for to place a pre-order order) from MacMall. Each time that my salesperson contacted me and asked if I wanted to cancel the order for the Pencil, I just said no, that I could wait.

And so I waited. And it arrived yesterday. And, my, oh, my, is it a thing of beauty. Or, rather I should say, beautiful things can come forth from it.

For those who can actually draw (not my forté) the Apple Pencil may be more than just a new tool with a new media for the masses. I can only guess at the possibilities that may be envisioned. But for even retouching schmucks like me I see a new creativity that may emerge... not just a replication of techniques and media (turning a photo into a digital watercolour is getting old hat), but something new. And beautiful. Something never imagined.

The Apple Pencil, well, looks like a slightly elongated white Pencil. It's heavier. Drop a dot of watercolour on a dampened paper and the colour spreads. Digital canvases with permanent content until you press a button and you've a blank sheet of 'paper.' As they have for decades, Apple hands us the ingredients ----->> now it's up to us to decide how to put it all together. Maybe there's time for me to become an amateur artist after all.

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