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Otterbox iPhone 5 Defender Series Case - Black
(The Defender Series iPhone 5 case is the only case for demanding conditions, heavy use and random accidents. Three layers of protection include a polycarbonate skeleton that cushions the iPhone while the built-in screen protector prevents smudges)
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  Good protective case,  2012-10-10
By Adam Fenton

I've been using the Otterbox Defender case with my iPhone 3Gs for 2 years now, and this latest version of the case for iPhone 5 is definitely a step up for me! The built-in screen protection doesn't bubble and provides adequate protection. The camera areas on the phone (both front and back) are completely exposed which allows for easier cleaning.

The new holster is also better I think. It definitely holds the phone in place much better than the 3Gs holster did, and there's some flexibility in the clip so that the likelihood of snapping when you snag it on something is greatly decreased (something I did maybe 4-5 times with the 3Gs holster...very annoying). However, it's not super easy to just slip in. You have to line the phone up exactly, and then clip it in. When you're moving, this isn't always easy to do. And I'm seeing some wear in the rubber case from where it clips into the holster already. I've only had it maybe 2-3 weeks now, so we'll see if the wear becomes a problem or not.

The other small gripe I have is that the headphone port access is kind of small. I use Shure in-ear headphones, and I have to really squeeze the stereo connector in to make a good connection with the phone. I had a similar issue with the 3Gs case and fitting the Apple AV connector port to the phone...eventually took my micro files out and enlarged that area of the case to make it work. These types of modifications don't hurt the integrity of the case...maybe the rubber flaps won't fit quite as tightly, but they still keep things covered when not in use. Again, this is for my specific Shure headphones, but it might apply to others...and the new dock connector port area might need to be enlarged as well once I get cables and other connectors for it.

But all in all, this is a great looking case that provides great protection for my pricey phone.

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iPhone 5 Defender Series Case - Black
by Otterbox

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