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  Very Very Nice,  2013-09-05
By JD in Huntsville AL

I'll start with the two very minor points which downgraded the rating I gave: 1) I can't use this while I have my cover on it. The bar on the dock which supports the iPhone is the same width as the phone. Makes some sense I guess, but that means the cheap rubber cover I use prevents it from seating properly on the dock. (I told you it was a minor problem.)

2) The sound comes out the top, which is covered with a porous spongy material typical of covers for speakers. But that is also where dust settles, and you are not going to be able to just wipe the dust off this material. That means I'm going to have to try to keep it covered when not in use, or use a small computer vac to try to keep it clean. Again, minor, but I wish the designers had thought of these things.

For the reasons I bought it, the dock is great, at least for my purposes which is basically to occasionally listen to some music in bed and as a place to recharge the phone after I've played games in bed too long.

But a good example of a benefit: I have downloaded some sleep inducing sound apps, but I didn't like listening to them directly from the phone -- the waves (for the ocean sounds) were much too high frequency. Now, with the dock, they sound like they're suppose to with a nice low frequency which I like.

Just one more point for someone who might want to use this all the time with the alarms on their device -- there is no way to SNOOZE through the dock itself; you have to do that off of your device. So no reaching for the snooze button while you're half asleep.

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