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Computer cables serve an important role within its system, acting as a bridge from which information can be harnessed and secured, and transactions and processes are made without incident. There are many different kinds of computer cables from which the PCMall Buying Guide can make recommendations on for users to purchase.
The first set of cables is the USB cables, which serve as a connection from one device to another. Of course, there any many subsets to this particular family of device cables, from the ones using USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 technology to the cable that uses the latest USB-C connector.

The second set of cables is the audio cables and connectors. These include the headphone jack and the digital optical audio jack that connects the input/output of home theaters to the computer. There are jacks that are tailored for a specific port, whether for the microphone, or for the audio in or out.

If there are audio cables, there surely are corresponding video cables. These connect monitors, displays, or TVs to the computer. Among the available sub-types are the VGA and DVI cables, as well as the one for the miniDisplayPort.

RCA connected devices also have their own specific filter to address one's own concerns. The same can also be said with the networking-related cables like the RJ11 cable and the Ethernet cable.

Data-related cables ensure the flow of information is smooth. These cables vary from the FireWire IEEE 1394 to the eSATA cables normally used in conjunction with hard drives.

All of these kinds of cables each have their own different manufacturers that tout its own advantages compared to the others. This is where the PCMall Buying Guide for cable connectors comes in, as it will already check out these cables themselves, and then give their verdict afterwards.
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