Borland's licensing program is the hassle-free way for to sell Borland software licenses to your customers. Customers receive a special discount for purchasing right-to-copy paper licenses verses boxed product.

  • Easy order process -- only a few easy steps to place an order
  • Purchase right-to-copy paper licenses without long negotiation delays
  • Low minimum purchase
  • Minimum purchase of just five licenses
  • One-time only minimum purchase of one shrink-wrap box of product (this product serves as one license, as well as the media kit for duplicating the number of right-to-copy licenses purchased)
  • No legal hassles
  • Terms and conditions listed on the back of the Borland license certificate
  • No signatures, contracts or legal review required

How to execute a Borland Licensing order

Step 1

  • Verify that your customer already owns or is purchasing at least one box of product for each Borland title that a right-to-copy paper license is being purchased.
  • This box of product will serve as one license, as well as the media kit for use with duplicating the number of licenses purchased. This box of product does not count toward the five license minimum requirement.

Step 2

  • Contact Borland to obtain part number information and a price quote.

Step 3

  • Submit a purchase order with the following information:
    • Borland title(s) to be ordered
    • Quantity of right-to-copy paper licenses being ordered
    • If the customer does not already own a minimum of one box of product, that should be added to the order
    • End user contact name, company name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address and purchase order number
  • The required end user information is necessary so that a unique Borland license certificate can be prepared for each end user. For clarity and ease of tracking, we require that each end user's order be submitted on a separate purchase order, and that each order be drop shipped directly to the end user.

Step 4

  • The Borland license certificate will be personalized to include the end user information provided, a license certificate number, and the title(s) and quantities ordered.
  • A letter will accompany the license certificate listing the unique product serial numbers and key authorization codes for use during the installation process of all right-to-copy licenses purchased.
  • The back of the license certificate outlines Borland's licensing terms and conditions.
  • The personalized license certificates will be shipped by Borland within approximately five business days, and will be shipped directly to the end user.