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The PlayBook packs an amplified BlackBerry experience in an ultra-portable and powerful tablet PC. It runs on BlackBerry’s QNX technology, optimized for high-performance productivity suite in a user-friendly interface. Plus, with its dual-core processor, Adobe Flash support, and HD cameras, the BlackBerry PlayBook offers a high-fidelity multimedia.

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BlackBerry 16GB 3-Pack Bundle PlayBook Dual-Core 1GHz Tablet - 1GB RAM, 16GB Solid State Drive, 7" Multi-touch display, 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, Front-facing Camera, 5MP Rear-facing Camera, Black - With (3) HDMI Cable PRD-38548-002-16CKIT
16GB 3-Pack Bundle PlayBook Dual-Core 1GHz Tablet - 1GB RAM, 16GB Solid State Drive, 7" Multi-touch display, 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, Front-facing Camera, 5MP Rear-facing Camera, Black - With (3) HDMI Cable
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BlackBerry PlayBook
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BlackBerry PlayBook

The World's 1st Professional-Grade Tablet PC

BlackBerry gives you the best of both business and entertainment in tablet PC experience with its very own PlayBook. Powered by RIM’s QNX technology, the PlayBook combines professional-grade hardware with business-centric functionalities and manageability. It features a 7-inch HD LCD display, a rich surround sound, symmetric multiprocessing for real multi-tasking, Adobe Flash support, and out-of-the-box compatibility with BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

The Full Web in Your Hands

Built from the ground up for tablet computing, the BlackBerry PlayBook puts the full Web in your hands and not just a scaled-down mobile version of it. It is Adobe Flash 10.1-enabled, with built-in HTML 5 support, and streamlined rendering of graphics and videos.

True, Simultaneous Multitasking

The PlayBook runs on QNX technology to give an amplified BlackBerry experience. It features an intuitive navigation and simultaneous multitasking, allowing you to switch from on app to another easily and quickly. And, with its dual-core processor and symmetric multiprocessing system, the BlackBerry PlayBook churns out blazing speed and power.
Operating System
BlackBerry Tablet OS
1GHz Dual Core
Flash Support
7" Widescreen TFT Display
Screen Resolution
Back: 5MP Front: 3MP
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (3G via BlackBerry phone tether)
Estimated Battery Life
0.43 kg

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Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by Francis Carmichael (2011-05-01)

PlayBook's QNX is the way to be

BlackBerry's PlayBook doesn't disappoint. It's easy to use and the environment is very intuitive. Compared to Android and iOS, the OS has little, or no, learning curve to get used to. I switched on the PlayBook and it was rockin' immediately. It comes preinstalled with apps that I need, such as e-mail, web browser, calendar, and media player. Of course, other tablet PCs have these. But PlayBook's is easy enough to use that although I haven't used a BlackBerry smartphone (I use an HTC), I was thrilled by the simplicity of navigating through apps. I also find the app store very suitable for me because they have lots of productivity apps from manufacturers I trust. Buying a paid app won't be an issue for me because security seems airtight on BlackBerry PlayBook OS.
Reviewed by Henry Lowe (2011-05-01)

PlayBook lives up to its name!

This is the ultimate multimedia device. The business and productivity features are just bonuses. The PlayBook's screen and audio are too good to not use, or use limitedly. Try to watch HD movies, even without a set of earphones, and you'll know what I mean. It's much better if you use some sennies. That way the sound is a whole lot crisper. But the built-in speaker will do.

Only shortcoming, I think, is the screen size. Steve Jobs has a point when he said 7-inchers are DOA. The tablet is too small for me, although it makes the PlayBook very portable and convenient to handle.

As for the software, it is fast. Really fast. I have never experienced any lags even with multiple apps open. After a week of using this I was expecting the PlayBook to slow down a notch unless I clear cache or something. This has been my experience with other tablet PCs (Android's if you want to know). They slow down after some time of use and I had to restore the device. But I haven't experienced that yet on my PlayBook.

Another important feature is the built-in flash support. Works well with YouTube and other websites that uses adobe flash. All things considered, I'm satisfied with this purchase.
Reviewed by Melanie Powe (2011-05-01)

BlackBerry PlayBook is my kind of Tablet PC

This has been one of my more important buys recently. The BlackBerry PlayBook has tremendously made my life easier. Being a working mom I need to balance my life between work and family. With PlayBook I can organize stuff well.

First, I don't need to stay in our room and use the home computer after office hours just to work on a presentation or something. I can do that on my PlayBook. And I can do that while I'm tending to the kids.

Also, I can set up meetings and organize my next office day just by having this PlayBook. It's so easy!

Lastly, I usually use the PlayBook to watch movies and read ebooks before going to sleep. It's a pretty good media player and wholly compatible with our LED via HDMI.

Nice one, BlackBerry!

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10.1" up
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BlackBerry 16GB 3-Pack Bundle PlayBook Dual-Core 1GHz Tablet $1,048.56                                

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