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Look for your Axiom Battery here.

Your Mobility Axiom offers a complete line of batteries for popular notebook computer brands.

Keep an additional battery and maintain maximum mobility at the office, home, or on the go.

Replace, upgrade or keep a spare and get powered by Axiom today.

Notebook Battery

Axiom notebook battery's can be used to replace an old poor performing battery or as a spare to allow more productivity when away from a power outlet.

Add an extra notebook battery to an open bay drive and double the power capabilities of the computer. If an extra drive bay is not available, carry an extra battery with you to swap out the batteries when the primary battery loses power.

When is the right time?

Batteries lose power capacity with time and usage. If you notice your battery does not hold its charge as long as it used to it may be time to get a replacement battery.

Most batteries will last the average user about 1-2 year before it is time to replace the battery.

Part numbers made easy

Axiom wants to ensure you receive the right battery. In that effort we have made our part number system easy to understand. Simply add ‘-AX” to the end of the OEM battery part number to get Axiom's part number.

For example, if you need a ‘5081P' for a Dell Notebook, the Axiom part number would be ‘5081P-AX'. You may also use our Upgrade Configurator to find the right upgrade. Please contact your PcMall Sales Representative for assistance in selecting the right product.


  •  Guaranteed dependable, powerful performance
  •  Double your current notebook battery time
  •  Always have a charged battery ready
  •  Replace a failing OEM battery
  •  Meets or exceeds manufacturer's specifications