Autodesk Open License Program (AOLP)

The Autodesk Open License program offers customers a compelling reason to buy select Autodesk software solutions. Its flexible purchasing options provide customers with favorable pricing and tools for centralized license management and tracking. The Autodesk Open License program, targeted at small and midsize businesses, is open to all resellers and provides these benefits:

  • Simplicity -- easy to understand, communicate and administer.
  • Value -- manage overall costs, provide consistent Autodesk solutions and maintain control of licensed use throughout an organization.
  • Flexibility -- designed to meet a customer's specific needs.

Program Details

The point value of licenses ordered through the program designates the customer's program level. Once the order process is complete, customers receive a Software Base Kit and a customized Open License Certificate detailing all product licenses and a serial number for each product installation. The point values are as follows:


Product Point Value
AutoCAD LT 3
AutoCAD LT Upgrade 1
Actrix Technical 2
AutoSketch 1
Autodesk View 1
Autodesk View Upgrade 1
Autodesk Symbols 1

The Autodesk Open License establishes five point-based program levels, A through E. Customers are assigned a program level when they place their initial order for a site. The program level and subsequent pricing on reorders are based on the total point value of the initial order. The customer's program level is set for two years, during which time reorders can be placed using the customer's unique certificate number (1-point minimum per reorder).

Program Level Point Range
A 20-99
B 100-199
C 200-499
D 500-999
E 1,000+

Here is an example of how total points are determined:

Product Point Value Quantity Total Points
AutoCAD LT New Licenses 3
AutoCAD LT Upgrades
Autodesk Symbols
Actrix Technical
Total points this order:

In the above example, the customer would qualify for program level A on the initial order and would then receive level A pricing on all reorders for a two-year period. Any subsequent reorder that qualifies for a higher program level should be placed as a NEW order instead of a reorder. Reorder purchase points do not accumulate toward higher program levels.



The Autodesk Open License Certificate gives a customer the right to copy products purchased through Autodesk Open License and includes the following information: License Certificate number, specific products licensed, product serial numbers, detailed customer information, and program start/end date. The License Certificate number is unique to each customer and must be used during the reorder process.

Software Base Kits are needed for every product purchased through Autodesk Open License. Each Kit contains the actual software needed for installation and has its own unique part number. The Software Base Kit is available at a nominal charge and must be purchased for every product on the initial order and for every new product on a reorder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all products available through Autodesk Open License have point values?
Yes. All products have point values except the Software Base Kit.

Is Autodesk Open License a cumulative program, meaning that a customer's future purchases will eventually add up to qualify for a higher program purchase level?
No. Only the initial order size determines the program purchase level.

If a customer places a reorder that qualifies for a higher program purchase level, how is the reorder priced?
In this case, the customer should place the order as an initial order rather than placing a reorder at the lower level.

Once the customer has purchased licenses via the program, why do they have an additional charge for the Software Base Kit?
Unlike other industry transactional license programs, participation in the Autodesk Open License program does not require the purchase of the actual box product first. The cost of the Software Base Kit is significantly lower than the box and therefore saves money for the end user. This requirement also ensures that the customer will always install the most current software.

What happens two years after a customer's initial purchase order?
After two years, a customer's program level expires. A new order must be placed to establish a new level.

How can a customer add more seats to the Open License Certificate?
More seats can be added by placing a reorder. A minimum of 1 purchase point is required for reorders.

Can a certificate be transferred?
Yes, but only with Autodesk's written approval.

What is the RMA policy?
Customers have 30 days to return a License Certificate. When returning a license purchase, all products purchased on the License Certificate must be returned. The customer must provide an affidavit that all installations of products from the License Certificate have been removed.

What should I do if I have a customer who has installed more licenses than the Open License Certificate allows?
Autodesk is working diligently and aggressively to reduce software theft. If you have a customer who you feel is illegally copying software, please call Autodesk at 1 (800) NO-COPIES.

What is the technical support policy?
For each License Certificate, 30 days of free telephone technical support is provided for one contact within the location. The 30 days begin when the customer places the first phone call.