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Apple Volume and Discount Levels

Mac OS X Server v10.5: Choose either 10-client or unlimited client

The Apple Maintenance Program (AMP) provides your organization with the most up-to-the-minute advances of the Mac OS X server
operating system over time – at a significantly reduced price.

In a nutshell, the Apple Maintenance Program enables organizations like yours to subscribe to software upgrades instead of purchasing
them each time they are released, and to benefit from substantial savings over time.

A three-year, non-cancelable agreement that entitles your organization to receive every major upgrade release to Mac OS X Server, the
Apple Maintenance Program is designed to protect your software investment and reduce your total cost of ownership. The program’s
affordable one-time fee simplifies budget management, reduces your administrative overhead, and puts a lid on IT maintenance and
software distribution costs. Upgrades are shipped automatically, so all of your computers can be standardized with the latest server
software. And , naturally, the more servers you’ve licensed, the more you’ll save.

Apple Maintenance

The Apple Volume License and Mac OS X Maintenance Program is a GET CURRENT – STAY CURRENT program. First, purchase your Mac
OS X upgrade Volume License and second, enroll in Maintenance to receive Mac OS X upgrades for a three year period.