What’s an affiliate?
When joined to MacMall’s Affiliate Program, you can place banners, links and deals and direct them to MacMall.  You earn 3% selling MacMall products.

Why MacMall?
We have an extensive selection of Macintosh computers, Mac accessories, Mac software, iPods, iPod accessories and consumer electronics. Not only do we carry all of the best-selling products, we also carry the hard-to-find Mac and iPod products you crave.

In addition, we are experts in the solutions that you need to use Macs in business. We also carry everything that creative professionals need to explore new realms of print, design, film, video, the web, photography and music!

How do I join?
To simplify and streamline procedures, we’ve joined strategic forces with Commission Junction, a leading provider of Internet marketing technologies.  To join, please complete our online Affiliate Application.

How does MacMall evaluate a site to become eligible as an MacMall affiliate?
We review every site to check if it’s a good fit to MacMall’s products and services.  Once you are approved, we will regularly review your site/s.

We also reserve the right to refuse any site containing objectionable material, including explicit language and/or content, or support for violent and/or discriminatory groups.

Can I use the MacMall name and logo on my site?
You can only use approved creative produced and distributed by MacMall. These are found at the Publisher Account Manager interface at Commission Junction Network interface. These will be updated regularly to reflect new promotions and prices.

Can I copy specific product information on my site?
Yes, as long as the information is exactly the same.

Where can I find MacMall banner promotions?
Once you’re approved, you will receive sample banners.  We will also send you the HTML of our banners and text links in the MacMall Affiliate newsletter.

How much can I make?
Affiliates can earn up to 3% of each SHIPPED sale generated by a clickthrough your site. How much you earn depends on how many of visitors you have redirected to go to MacMall and how much those visitors spend.  The higher the transaction – the higher the commission!

If a customer returns an item, cancels an order, requests a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction. 

How do I know how much I’ve earned?
Once joined to MacMall’s Affiliate Program and Commission Junction, you will be assigned your own password-protected Personal Account page on the Commission Junction Network website. You’ll have access to detailed reports to keep track of your site’s earnings and performance.

Do I need to pay anything to join MacMall’s Affiliate Program?
It costs you nothing to join the MacMall Affiliate Advantage Network

How are orders tracked and credited to my site?
To ensure that all transactions are properly tracked and credited, use promotional MacMall links provided at Commission Junction.  This contains your unique CJ Publisher ID (PID) which is then used to track and credit the traffic and transactions you direct to MacMall.

What are my responsibilities as a program member?
As a member of the MacMall Affiliate Program, you represent by extension MacMall. As such, your responsibilities include:
  • Prominent placement of MacMall in your site.
  • Ensure that your website contains content that is appropriate for an association with MacMall
  • Create accurate and up-to-date links to MacMall so we can track your sales and credit you with your commissions.
  • Ensure that your website is well maintained and always available, allowing visitors quick access to links to MacMall

Will I have total control with the placement of MacMall links on my site?
Yes, you have complete control of the content, navigation, and the entire look and feel of your site. However, we expect you to provide MacMall prominent placement.

Can I do Paid Search campaigns in Search engines?
Yes, but you must follow MacMall’s Search Policy for Affiliates.

What is MacMall’s Search Policy for Affiliates?
Bidding on trademarks and proprietary brand names is not permitted. These include MacMall, macmall, MacMall.com & macmall.com.

An affiliate is also not allowed to use the following as their display URL in their Search Campaigns.  These include MacMall.com, macmall.com, www.MacMall.com & www.macmall.com. 

Any violation of the above may result in reversal of transactions and removal from our affiliate program.

What are MacMall’s responsibilities?
MacMall will provide you fresh creative and tools to support yourself as an MacMall affiliate.  We will update you with the newest promotions as well as the hottest products currently available. 

If you have other questions or concerns, email AffiliateM@MacMall.com.