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Adobe Open Options volume software licensing programs

Discounts are based on point level accumulation. Each order placed is associated with a corresponding number of points, which qualifies you for a specific discount level. The greater the volume ordered, the greater the number of points and discount level, and the greater the corresponding discount.

Adobe's volume licensing program options are offered under Adobe's Open Options licensing program, and include the TLP and CLP programs.

The TLP program is a transaction-based program that is ideally suited to organizations that want to make easy, one-time purchases. Benefits include a generous discount schedule, online tracking of all transactions, a single serial number per product, and a single license certificate per transaction containing all serial numbers, units, platforms, and product licenses.
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The CLP program is a two-year, membership-based program ideally suited to larger organizations seeking simplified purchase management and software deployment. Benefits include a deep discount schedule, complimentary Electronic Software Delivery, and the ability to share membership benefits across distributed organizations. In addition, orders of any size can be placed at any time throughout the membership term and will contribute to the point level accumulation and discount level. There is no need to wait until you have a significant order volume to place an order and begin using the software.
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All Adobe® Open Options licensees have the option to purchase Upgrade Plan per licensed product, which entitles licensees to receive all upgrades for the products covered throughout the Upgrade Plan coverage term. Other than the Upgrade Plan membership fee, there is no charge for physical media, shipping, or Electronic Software Delivery for covered product upgrades throughout the term of the Plan. Upgrade Plan purchases also contribute to the overall point value and discount level. Software upgrades are made available via Adobe's Licensing Web Site (LWS) or through physical media, providing flexibility in managing software versions. In addition, you have the flexibility to standardize across the organization, if desired, or to allow your users to self-manage their software version usage.
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