Software Licensing Solution

Adobe Open Options 4.5 Upgrade Plan

Easily keep your organization current with Adobe software

No matter which Adobe® Open Options 4.5 software licensing program you choose, Upgrade Plan makes it better. You are assured of access to all Adobe upgrades for your covered products during the life of your Upgrade Plan — all at a single cost per licensed product. And during the first six months of your CLP membership, you may also order Upgrade Plan for previously acquired, current-version Adobe software licenses (as long as Adobe has not announced a new version), bringing all your installations into a unified technology management program. This helps ensure both budget and technology predictability.

Adobe automatically sends notifications of upgrades to Upgrade Plan participants. This means that you can manage upgrades uniformly across your organization, avoiding piecemeal implementation and technology inconsistency. Upgrade Plan is only available through the Adobe TLP and CLP volume licensing programs.
You can also lower your overall software costs with Upgrade Plan because it contributes to the points accumulated in TLP and CLP, increasing the discounts made available to you under these programs.

Upgrade Plan helps ensure that your employees have the latest technology to maximize their productivity. Yet it lets organizations manage their upgrade strategy and technology versions inexpensively, easily, and with low administrative overhead. This option is perfect for businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies that want to use up-to-date Adobe software, while reducing both unit and overhead costs.
Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the benefits of Upgrade Plan?

A. There are several benefits:

  • Upgrade Plan is like an upgrade insurance program. CLP members and TLP participants who purchase Upgrade Plan are entitled to all upgrades for covered products during the Upgrade Plan term, so employees always have the most current versions of Adobe software.
  • Adobe automatically sends notifications of available upgrades to Upgrade Plan participants to simplify upgrade planning.
  • There’s an option to include previously acquired licenses of current software in Upgrade Plan (as long as no new version has been announced), so you can enjoy organization-wide technology consistency.
  • Use of Upgrade Plan simplifies your software ordering and administration processes by covering all upgrades over the typical two-year period in one transaction.
  • Participation in Upgrade Plan contributes to the points accumulated in TLP and CLP, which helps increase the overall discounts earned.
Q. What do I receive when I participate in Upgrade Plan?

A. When you order Upgrade Plan, you receive notifications when new product versions become available, giving you the peace of mind of knowing when you need to upgrade.

Q. What are the discount levels?

A. The discount level obtained through Upgrade Plan is determined by the Adobe Open Options 4.5 volume software licensing program in which you are participating: TLP or CLP.