Software Licensing Solution

Adobe Open Options TLP 4.5

Volume licensing made easy

The Transactional Licensing Program (TLP 4.5) makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to get the benefits of volume ordering through the Adobe® Open Options 4.5 software licensing program. This program is available worldwide and covers most Adobe desktop products. There are no agreements to sign. For every order of a new eligible Adobe software license, upgrade of a previously acquired license*, or Upgrade Plan for an eligible license, you will receive points. Your discount level is based on the total point value of your transaction. The more you order in a single transaction, the better your discount level.

To calculate your discount level and points, view the Discount Level Calculator for your market segment: Commercial, Education, or Government
In addition, when you order products through the TLP, Adobe provides you with an easy-to-use, online licensing Website that simplifies software administration and record-keeping. This custom site provides your organization with a single location for up-to-date access to your Adobe software licensing information.
The TLP is open to commercial, government, and education customers.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the key advantages of licensing software through TLP?

A. There are several advantages:

  • Lower software costs
  • Reduced ordering and license administration, simplifying total software management efforts and streamlining internal business processes
  • Web-based license management tool
  • Enhanced business productivity through cohesive deployment of Adobe's end-to-end creative, workflow, content collaboration, and business process solutions to extend the organization's reach beyond the employee's desktop — TLP is a natural complement to licenses of other office productivity and business process tools
  • With the Upgrade Plan option, technology consistency across the user base and deployment of the most current technology
  • Ability to better manage legal compliance
Q. What are the benefits of TLP to small business and creative services consultants?

A. TLP brings the benefits of enterprise-class licensing to the smaller volume orders typical of consultants, independent designers, creative services, and marketing groups. It also provides the benefits of volume licensing to larger organizations whose orders don't meet CLP order thresholds.

Q. What do I receive when I participate in TLP?

A. A TLP license gives you access to Adobe's web-based software management tool, where you can find a custom TLP license certificate for each TLP order you place. The certificate lists the order date, the products you licensed, the corresponding serial numbers, and the total number of licenses available for installation.

Q. How are discount levels determined?

A. Discount levels are determined based on the number of points in the transaction. The number of points earned per software program or Upgrade Plan order is based on the value of each item licensed. (Note: TLP licenses are ordered through resellers, not from Adobe directly. Actual pricing ultimately depends on the reseller price. Accordingly, Adobe cannot guarantee any particular savings or discounts to any organization buying TLP licenses.)

Q. What are the discount levels?

A. As the number of points increases in a single transaction, the discount level improves. Discounts are provided in the following levels.

Level Commercial Education Government
R 1 1
S 1,500 1,000 1
T 25,000† 5,000

Q. How do I determine points and discount levels?

A. The Discount Level Calculator for your market segment - Commercial, Education, or Government - can help you determine which level you qualify for based on the points associated with the product licenses you need.

Q. What are the benefits of Upgrade Plan?

A. Upgrade Plan is like an upgrade insurance program. When you order Upgrade Plan for a product, you are entitled to all upgrades of that product during the Upgrade Plan term.

Q. Does Adobe have a web-based license management tool for TLP participants?

A. Yes. When you acquire a license through TLP, you are assigned a login and password for use at the licensing management system website, where you can find your order history, custom license certificates, and serial numbers.