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Simplify website management

Adobe® Contribute® CS5 software boosts creative web development with new features such as native XML file editing, image hotspot definition, cross-browser preview and compare, Server Side Includes (SSI) file editing, Spry widget editing, and advanced search and replace. Its WYSIWYG HTML editor and in-browser editing environment give content authors the capability to drag and drop FLV, SWF, and PDF files directly into pages, as well as advanced text- and image-editing tools. Managers can simplify content classification and expedite the addition of new pages while maintaining design integrity by defining XML and HTML content types and their corresponding workflows.

Top reasons to upgrade to Adobe® Contribute® CS5

Predefined content types—Create new pages quickly based on existing design templates and page functionality. Set the workflow to hold new pages for review or to have them go live instantly. Set automatic expiration dates for new content.

XML file editing—Edit site-associated XML content natively, without having to leave Contribute and open an XML editor. Easily update Spry data sets and other pages that render content from dynamic XML-based sites by editing the corresponding XML file.

Cross-browser preview—Verify the look and feel of updated pages in multiple browsers. Preview edited pages in any installed browser. Windows® users can view three browsers simultaneously with synchronous navigation and crawling for side-by-side comparison.

Spry widget editing—Edit any content contained in a variety of Spry widgets, including data within accordion, tabbed, and collapsible panels. Change properties such as panel transition animation effects.

Multiple page search and replace—Use the enhanced search and replace capability to update information on multiple open draft pages. Streamline the update process by performing in minutes a previously tedious task.

Subversion support—Roll back pages to previously archived files using the built-in Contribute rollback feature or Subversion, which is supported by Contribute CS5.

Image hotspot support—Create multiple links to different parts of a single image with integrated WYSIWYG hotspot support. Draw one or more hotspots onto any image, and then add alternative text and URLs for immediate interactivity.

1. Update content and properties of Spry widgets. 2. Draw multiple hotspots on any image and assign URLs without leaving Contribute. 3. Easily create new pages that match existing design and functionality with predefined content types. 4. Edit images in Contribute or use the Edit Image With command for roundtrip editing in Photoshop or Fireworks. 5. Edit site-associated XML files natively, without opening an XML editor. 6. Embed SWF and FLV files, and W3-compliant code is created for you. 7. Preview in any browser; when running Microsoft® Windows®, preview with three browsers side by side. 8. Edit text with enhancements that include support for superscript and subscript. 9. Edit Server Side Include files directly in Contribute.

Content authors can easily add multiple polygonal hotspots and associated URLs to images with Contribute CS5.

SWF or FLV file embedding—Insert SWF or FLV files, and Contribute creates web standards–compliant code, compatible with that created in Adobe Dreamweaver® software. This helps ensure that content is Adobe Flash® Player compatible while enabling drag-and-drop authoring in Contribute.

Server Side Includes file editing—Allow authors to edit Server Side Includes (SSI) files. Authors can choose SSI files from a list, without needing to know the file path. Modify HTML content in the SSI file with Contribute.

Text and image enhancements—Create superscript and subscript text directly in Contribute. Rescale, rotate, crop, and sharpen images, and adjust their brightness and contrast. Changes are displayed accurately with enhanced CSS rendering.