Software Licensing Solution

Adobe Open Options CLP 4.5

Two-year membership for organizations worldwide that delivers maximum return on your software investment

CLP provides flexible volume software licensing as part of Adobe® Open Options 4.5, which is offered through Adobe License Centers and resellers. CLP members set the discount level for all of their Adobe desktop software orders during the life of the CLP membership based on the value of an initial order — but with no further order commitment beyond that initial order. CLP offers the discount level to all new and upgrade software orders and Upgrade Plan orders. Additional orders may qualify you for an improved discount level. CLP is available worldwide and covers most Adobe desktop products.

Note: If your organization enrolled in CLP after July 16, 2004, your membership is automatically upgraded to CLP 4.5, and you do not need to re-enroll until your current membership expires.

In addition to volume pricing, CLP helps organizations cut costs by simplifying software ordering and administration in several ways. First, it provides them with a single licensing program membership that can be effective worldwide, so that they always get the same discount level regardless of their location or order quantity. Second, Adobe provides all CLP members with an easy-to-use, web-based licensing site that simplifies licensing administration and record-keeping. The site provides your organization with a login and password for access to comprehensive Adobe software licensing information so you can see your global software licensing status and easily track licensing records.

Affiliate options

Adobe offers two ways for organizations with numerous affiliates, such as a company with worldwide subsidiaries or an education system with multiple campuses, to participate in CLP (note that the method of affiliate participation is decided by the CLP member organization, not by the affiliate):
  • The parent organization may list its affiliates and order on behalf of them.
  • The affiliate may complete an Affiliate Enrollment Form. This entitles the affiliate to order and manage its own Adobe licenses while earning CLP points that potentially improve the discount level for everyone — parent organization and affiliates alike. Enrolled affiliates may choose their own Adobe License Center for assistance with pricing, licenses, and media.
CLP highlights

For higher education institutions in the United States and Canada, CLP offers the Student Licensing Option, which lets you buy licenses to use selected Adobe software for redistribution or resale to your students, while earning points under your CLP membership for those orders. This is a great way to make Adobe’s industry-standard software an integral part of coursework and lab work.

Requirements and purchasing

To order Adobe desktop software after you become a CLP member, simply contact your Adobe License Center and provide them with your CLP membership number.

Your discount level is based on the size of your initial order of software licenses and Upgrade Plan. This discount level is applied to any subsequent orders in the two-year membership period. And all orders are cumulative, so additional purchases over the two-year term may qualify you for an even better discount level. (Note: Actual licensing procurement takes place through the Adobe License Center or a reseller, who determines your license price based on the discounts made available by Adobe.)

CLP is open to commercial, education, or government organizations; their point requirements, discount levels, and agreements may vary. Learn more about your market's membership terms and how you can enroll in CLP:
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Government

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the key advantages of ordering through CLP?

A. There are several advantages:

  • Lower software costs
  • Reduced ordering and license administration, simplifying total software management efforts and streamlining internal business processes
  • Web-based license management tool
  • Enhanced business productivity through cohesive deployment of Adobe’s end-to-end creative, workflow, content collaboration, and business process solutions to extend the organization’s reach beyond the employee’s desktop — CLP is a natural complement to licenses of other office productivity and business process tools
  • With Upgrade Plan option, technology consistency across the user base and deployment of the most current technology
  • With the Student Licensing option, the ability of higher education CLP participants in the United States and Canada to earn points and help make it easy for students to integrate industry-leading Adobe software into their coursework and lab work
  • Provision by Adobe of cross-platform serial numbers (Macintosh and Windows®) on most products, so it’s easy to switch platforms as business or system needs change
  • Greater ability to manage legal compliance
Q. What do I receive when I enroll in CLP?

A. After Adobe processes your online membership enrollment, we create a CLP membership number for your organization. You receive e-mail messages containing your CLP membership number and your login and temporary password for the Adobe Licensing Web Site. Your Adobe License Center helps determine your discount level based on your initial order and helps ensure that you receive the best possible value.

Q. What are the discount levels, and how do they relate to pricing?

A. The more points in your initial order, the better your discount level. And by accumulating points during your membership, you can improve your discount level when you reach the next level's minimum. CLP discounts are provided according to the following levels for commercial, education, and government members. Contact your Adobe License Center for information on pricing.

Level Commercial Education† Government
1 40,000 6,000 40,000
2 100,000 20,000 225,000
3 225,000 50,000
4 350,000

Q. How do I determine how many points are in my initial order?

A. The Discount Level Calculator for Commercial, Education, or Government can help you determine which level you qualify for based on the points associated with the product licenses and Upgrade Plan purchases you need.

Q. What are the High-Volume Discount levels?

A. The High-Volume Discount offer is based on units purchased, not points. If you order a qualifying number of units of select new software licenses, software upgrades, or the Upgrade Plan, you qualify for even higher discounts from your Adobe License Center. The extra discount amount can rise based on the number of units ordered. Note that different products cannot be combined to achieve the minimum order amount for the High-Volume Discount. Contact your Adobe License Center for information on pricing. (Note: The High-Volume Discount is available to all CLP members in the United States and Canada, CLP education members in Europe, and CLP commercial members worldwide.)

Level Commercial/government Education
1 1,000 500
2 5,000 1,000
3 10,000 2,500
4 25,000

Q. What are the benefits of Upgrade Plan?

A. Upgrade Plan is like an upgrade insurance program. When you order Upgrade Plan for a product, you are entitled to all upgrades of that product during the Upgrade Plan term. Adobe automatically sends notifications of available upgrades to CLP Upgrade Plan participants.

Q. Does Adobe have a web-based license management tool for CLP members?

Yes, when you order a license through one of Adobe’s volume software licensing programs, you are assigned a login and password for use at the web-based licensing management system, where you can track order history, run reports, edit your account, and locate your full list of serial numbers.