Consider getting InCopy CS5 along with Adobe Creative Suite® 5 Design Premium software, which includes InDesign CS5—a perfect complement to print and digital editorial workflows enabled by InCopy CS5.

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Collaborate in demanding editorial workflows

Bring print and digital publications to market faster than ever with Adobe® InCopy® CS5 software. Style and copyfit text in seconds with the new Eyedropper tool. Accept or reject changes on a per-user basis for greater control. Make simple layout modifications—such as splitting single-column text into multiple columns in the same text frame—to better support editorial needs. And use the Adobe Mini Bridge panel in InCopy for fast, in-context file browsing.

Top reasons to upgrade to Adobe® InCopy® CS5

Eyedropper tool—Style and copyfit text in seconds. The Eyedropper tool lets you pick up the style of one text selection and drop it onto another.

Track Text Changes enhancements—Accept or reject changes on a per-user basis for greater flexibility and control.Also, new support for Track Text Changes in InDesign means designers can clearly understand editorial changes in the InDesign layout.

Paragraphs that span columns—Cut production time with a simple click that makes single-column text span multiple columns. Quickly create a column-spanning headline or subhead in your existing text frame—no need to ask the designer to create a dedicated frame.

Paragraphs that split columns—In a single click, turn any text selection into multiple columns within an existing frame, allowing text above and below to remain in a single column. Easily edit and format split-column text, and see the column break indicator in Galley View.

Adobe Mini Bridge—Browse and find files faster with the Adobe Mini Bridge panel, which lets you preview linked assets within InCopy. Drag files from the panel into editable frames, or open them directly within InCopy.

All-new Layers panel—Easily access the text you need to edit, even in multilayered documents. Hide obscuring page elements, such as images and graphics, or lock them in a single layer to edit the text behind them. Buzzword® support—Experience tight integration with Buzzword, a CS Liveonline service* and web processor that facilitates easy document sharing, collaboration, and version tracking. Place copy you have written in Buzzword into editable text frames in InCopy. CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time—visit for details.

Faster saving with multi-threading—Take advantage of advanced multi-threading technology to close documents and save changes to multiple stories faster than ever before.

Document-installed fonts—Avoid the inconvenience of missing fonts. When you open an InCopy story, InCopy CS5 automatically looks for an associated Document fonts folder, installs the folder’s fonts temporarily for use in the story, and then uninstalls the fonts when you close the story. The appropriate font licenses are still required for any party opening, editing, or printing the story.

Enhanced Links panel—Find, sort, and manage placed files in your InCopy CS5 documents and assignments using the customizable Links panel. Click thumbnail images of files to view metadata such as date modified, who edited last, keywords, and headline.