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The Mac Mini

As part of the Mac family of desktops, the Mac mini represents the smaller-scale desktops aimed at price-conscious buyers who are looking for a small yet power-packed desktop. It also targets those who intend to switch from Windows PCs to Apple desktops for the first time.

The Mac mini features a 1.4-inch-thin aluminum unibody created using Computer Numerical Control (CNC). This ensures absolute precision of every component of the Mac mini enclosure and a gorgeous aluminum finish that would look great in any desk. It only weighs three pounds, making it light enough to carry anywhere. The whole design is made to be minimalistic in nature. But behind the Zen-like simplicity lies a powerhouse.

Small Yet Powerful

Engineered to put more power into a little space, the Mac mini is powered by Intel Core Duo processors that reach up to 2.66GHz with an ultrafast1066MHz front-side bus and 3MB of L2 cache. Under its hood contains up to 8GB of memory. With twice as much memory equipped in this machine, you can be sure to run more applications at the same time.

In terms of graphics performance, the Mac mini surely won’t disappoint you. It is equipped with an energy-efficient NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor with a speedy DDR3 memory. Complement that with 48 processing cores and 256MB of shared video memory and you’ll get outstanding graphics power on your most wanted 3D games and other graphics-intensive applications.

Every unit is built with the latest 802.11 wireless technology, enabling you to browse the web and stream music wirelessly. Bluetooth capabilities are also built in, allowing you to connect Bluetooth devices like a magic mouse and a wireless keyboard easily. And when it comes to storage space, you won’t get short-changed with a Mac mini. With up to 500GB of storage space, you’ll have more than enough room to pack in just about anything.

The Mac mini is preinstalled with an easy-to-run Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It also comes with an HDMI-to-DVI adapter and Mini DisplayPort output ports, allowing you to connect two displays. So while you’re surfing through your favorite site on one display, you can also watch a movie on the other. And if you want to watch a movie or a TV show on your much larger LCD TV, you can simply connect your Mac mini to your TV and enjoy a theater-like experience.


When it comes to saving and preserving the environment, the Mac mini surely does it part. When idle, it consumes less than 10 watts, making it the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer. It is also crafted from highly-recyclable aluminum. And since it’s so small, you won’t have much of a problem in shipping it.

The Mac mini has come a long way from being Apple’s budget-friendly desktop. With its elegant design, bigger memory, faster processors and energy-saving capabilities, it’s not too hard to get hooked on this mini powerhouse.