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The iPod touch 5th generation is the latest from the iPod touch series by Apple. It features a new advanced design that brings out the funness of owning a mobile device of its kind.

The 5th-generation iPod touch sports a 4-inch Retina display. Having the highest-resolution iPod screen ever is not enough to see and highlight the amazing on images. The Retina display highlights even further, thus making images a lot sharper and stunningly clearer. Plus, with the new dual-core A5 chip powering the iPod touch, the world’s favorite mobile gaming device just got more fun for games.

The new iPod touch also has FaceTime. This is the feature wherein you can hang out, catch up and goof off with friends in an entirely new and different way. With just a simple tap, you can see what your friends are up to literally - like video chatting on your very own iPod touch. All you need to get started is an Apple ID and an e-mail account. With FaceTime, conversations will never be the same again.

The iPod touch 5th generation is also the first to include HD video recording and editing on its already fully-loaded roster of features. You can record videos even on the most random of circumstances, be it at parties, camping or even when coming across something out of the ordinary while driving. You can edit out your videos right on your iPod touch using the new iMovie app with Apple-themed designs, titles and transitions.

iPod touch is your pound-for-pound champion when it comes to features. Now, it even comes in more colors and the ground-breaking Apple EarPods. Make sure you get yours only from MacMall.com!