SimpleTech Signature Mini USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive

Introducing the SimpleTech Signature Mini Hard Drive family of bite-size drives, bursting with tasty ingredients. Supple and resilient to the touch, with a positive velvety grip, they’re designed by our friends at Pininfarina, the icon of Italian sports car design since 1930.

Just plug one in, and inside you’ll find smart ways to protect and manage all your precious stuff. Includes both local and online backup for unbeatable, total protection. With Fabrik Local Backup software, you can set up automatic backups from your computer to your Signature Mini, while Fabrik Ultimate Backup (2 GB free) provides secure, online storage that’s safe from real world mishaps.

It works in the background, for constant, near-real time protection without bogging down your computer.

And who says the SimpleTech Signature Hard Drive Mini is just for storage? For all the photos, songs, and video in your life, Joggle helps you keep track of them wherever they’re stored. Online or on any drive, you’ll see all your stuff on a single screen and easily share it with friends and family everywhere.


  • Sleek pocket-sized design by Pininfarina

  • Velvety smooth texture for a secure grip

  • Durable and made for travel

  • Multiple colors and capacities to suit your style

  • High speed USB 2.0 "Y" cable included provides power without extra cables

  • Simple, automatic backups with Fabrik Local Backup™ Complete, unbeatable protection with Fabrik Ultimate Backup™ online service (2 GB free) Joggle™ digital content manager for easy tracking, sharing and publishing of photos, music, and videos Free technical support

  • 3-year warranty